We are Stella and Marc de Chalain. We live in the East of South Africa and are passionate about Africa and its nature. Africa is, we believe, the nature capital of the world, and blessed with a rich variety of scenic places and varied and beautiful, wild, unrestrained animals.

The apex predator, the African Lion, the shy elusive and sleek Leopard, the fast running Cheetah, the pack living African Wild Dog, also known as the Painted Dog, the social African Elephant, the plains game, the herbivores, the varied and abundant bird life, and so many other species large and small, make up the inhabitants of this Wild Africa. We are proud to invite you into this magnificent place and to show its inhabitants to you, up close. To hear the lion roar by night, the hyena whoop or the African Fish Eagle's haunting call as it sweeps over waters is what "our" Wild Africa is all about. To experience and capture images of this amazing place and its animals, with passion and assisted skill, in a fun atmosphere with likeminded persons is what we bring to you. Our aim is to see YOU get the shots or that footage you thought was only for the others.

Our brief philosophy on ethics and conservation

It is acknowledged that people view this important matter in different ways and we respect other peoples views. We assure all visitors to our page that our photography is free of animal exploitation and abuse. We do not subscribe to baiting animals and birds, we do not photograph captive animals and birds or animals and birds which depend on man feeding them for their survival. None of our images are shot in "sanctuaries" which operate for human entertainment. We do capture animals which have been spot lit in a judicious manner and sparingly. Flash photography, which we use judiciously and sparingly, is not harmful to animals eyes based on scientific research which we have followed. Our approach is that ethics and best for subject is to be placed above the capture of those subjects. 

While we are not scientists, so our views may be inadequate in this regard, we disapprove of practices which we feel undermine principles of good conservation and distance ourselves from them. Our photography is therefore free of images from places which we know to support such practices. We actively support a number of initiatives which contribute to sound conservation practices and we are associated with the Centre for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW).

If you would like to read one of the articles which was written about us, click on https://outandabout.africa/wild-about-photography/.

Please Note: All our images are strictly copyrighted to Marc and Stella de Chalain and/or Wild1s and/or fotoart de Chalain. Do not use them in an unauthorised manner, which is ILLEGAL. The images on this site and our other images are available for sale as digital images, printed onto archival papers or canvas, subject to terms and conditions as may be agreed to for their use.