26 Apr
  1. The need for speed. To capture frozen action, you need speed. The smaller and faster the subject, in general, the faster you need to shoot it. Most missed action shots are missed due to shooting too slowly. Modern sensors are so much better at handling high ISO settings that it is rather outdated to think that noise results at anything higher than very low ISO's. Of course different cameras and even camera models handle this differently. 
  2. Tracking is king. Set up to continous focus using single point or a small focus group, which will give you a great success and high keeper rates of images. 
  3. Think when you shoot, not shoot and hope. Yes, think quickly but do not just shoot.
  4. Hold it in your hand. To many photographers want too much stability. In action wildlife, it is better to hold by hand to get flexibility. Do you shake? Increase speed.  
  5. Anticipate behaviour. Yes when you know the animals or birds, you get a fair idea of what is coming. Get to know them and their behaviours. It will help you.
  6. Be ready. That includes knowing how to quickly adapt your settings but also having your set up ready for action when you expect it. That means ISO high enough, aperture as you want it and enough speed to capture what you are expecting to happen.
  7. Be aware of changing light as you shoot. It may affect the settings you need. 
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