What is a photo safari and how does it differ from any other safari? Seems like a silly question, right? Maybe, maybe not, but let's take a look anyway. We have been on numerous photographic and non photographic safaris over a number of years as guests, and so have got a great feel for them. A normal safari is often one where the guests are together in a group size which does not really meet the needs of the photographer, it's just too large, by which we mean it's not uncommon for a standard game viewer or OSV vehicle to have 9 passengers seated 3 per row, which will just not work well for photographers. So we limit this to 2 per row or 6 persons per vehicle and only use one vehicle. We do not do this full time or depend on it for a living, an advantage to you, the valued guest, as revenue and profitability is not of primary importance to us. The photographers requirements differ from those of the general safari guest. The general guests tends to struggle with the early rising, cold, wind and later on, the sun, on morning drives and cold and wind later on evening drives and heat earlier on, on such drives , while the photographer understands the need to use early and late light to get those breathtaking images. The general guests can sometimes be happy to just "view and move" while the photographer tends to know that it is better to wait out a scene and watch it develop in terms of light and often, the animals behaviour. This calls for patience, sometimes in heat, sun and the other factors photographers have to put up with. General guests also tend to have needs for a better lodge and leisure experience as well as a more "smooth" off road experience while photographers priorities tend to be more on what brings the amazing images or footage (videographers). So in summary, a photographic and general safari guest differ in terms of their needs. That is not to say that we only go to rough, uncomfortable places, in fact, quite the contrary. 

The question of cost sometimes comes up, usually when someone has read of a well advertised "special". We look for real specials and when we find them, with YOU, our valued guest in mind, we look into them very seriously. The difficulty with so many of these "specials" is that they often have limited availability (not in the ad), for limited (least best selling, also not in ad) time periods and operators sometimes use them to market trips aimed at high volumes (i.e 8 on a vehicle, not too prominent in the ad) with poor catering (not in the ad). Wild1s is unapologetically more about VALUE than about COST. Our uncompromising aim is to get you, the guest, to great places, which are comfortable and enjoyable, well catered, reasonably priced, amongst likeminded persons, where your experience will be great in every way and allow you to take home great memories in the form of amazing images and footage, of which you can be proud.