We recently launched a fun event. Not sure we could call it a competition. The prize? A bottle of de Chalain Family Reserve 2015, a special bottling of a special wine by Jeremy Walker of Grangehurst, top winemaker and we are selling a few bottles this treasure (email hello@wild1s.co.za if you are interested). The idea is to reward the person who best answers the question "What is a true blue adventurer?". This is a fun thing, so no huge technical definition. Quirky, funny will do it. We will publish the winners post and maybe one or two more after 10 December 2020 when this will be selected. 

Thank you to all who participated, such great and amusing comments. Well done to our independently chosen winner of this fun giveaway event, Bridgid Wickham. Your prize is on the way. After the Wickham's recent "camera and related heist" it feels good to have seen this chosen. Her winning answer:

TRUE BLUE ADVENTURER: Until recently I was happy just to get my leg through my underwear without falling over. That was the height of my adventure for the day. Then as I saw a friend describe it - along came the Coronacoaster! The ups and downs of the pandemic got me thinking about exactly what happened to that adventurous spirit of mine... Was I a True-Blue Adventurer (TBA) or not? What is a TBA? I think we can all agree that in 2015 not one single person got the correct answer to “Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?” Do yourselves a favour and take a look at your Memories on FB in November last year. Where did you see yourself one year from then? Seriousss! So I sat and “thinks” like Winnie the Pooh.... and thinks and thinks.... If Attenborough was still “swinging” - in trees that is - at 90 and a bit - then I still have a minimum of 46 years to reach the ripe old age of 100. Totally doable. At that thought - I got this tingle and my blood started to bubble and all the incredible things I wanted to do and did not have enough time left for started to hit my “To Do” list at an alarming rate. I had to get busy and out of this Lockdown mode and very quickly. The bush was alive with whistling tree-frogs and the sky burning orange night after night carrying the heavy scents of Africa on its’ mists. My mind is still 30 something and my laughter suggests there might be a little “wicked” still alive in me somewhere. Sure my body is asking if I am sure I am not dead yet - but between us we will convince her otherwise! I was really loving my bubble and learning how to bake weapons of mass destruction (chocolate cake) - and I am swinging between that and crying and long walks and drinking Gin for breakfast and missing people I don’t even like.... There is this other thing though. I have to get out there. I have to live life. I have to get back to that Bush and that Dust..... Yip - I am a TBA without a doubt! Heck I am so tired of sitting with my tripod and camera trying to take photographs on Channel 183... Can somebody bring me some wine for my sundowner here please..... So what is a TBA ? - well a person who wants to live life really isn’t it! Yip - that’s me! 

.....and our runner up, Marie Knight, whose adventurous streak we certainly can vouch for's, answer:

I have not read any of your communication as I was busy living my tame adventure. Scanned this one briefly and see we are asked to define what kind of adventurers we see ourselves as. There are categories of adventurers. Those that do it purely for the adrenaline rush. So not that but can live with the adventurer tag if it means being a little crazy to get the next best image. Limited by age I'm afraid (some of our bones creak). Climbing up an down mountains, jumping out of planes, etc is not on my agenda (not sure it ever was!). So, in a staid sort of way, a few of us do things that are just a tad nuts. And we do it only to get 'that special shot'. Nothing to do with any extreme adventure adrenaline rush, only the adrenaline rush of the 'click' that may just be an awesome shot. Minor things like driving out in gale force winds and storms, dropping our lives at a moment's notice to take up challenges, rolling on the ground (I'll take out a contract on anyone who posts the evidence of that!!) to get 'that' shot, or crawling on my stomach to get eye level with a tortoise (nobody has evidence of that thank goodness). Not to mention getting up at 4AM!! for almost an entire month. That nearly killed me. Most of all, it needs to remain fun or for me personally, or the 'adventure' will be gone. Go well, I'm desperately trying to delete enough images so that I can actually use my computer and even download my last images!! Out of space................................. Need a new computer or stop my mild 'adventures'.